Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Harvest Days!

We have enjoyed some nice fall weather lately.  We are trying to take advantage of going outside before those cold Indiana days hit.  Jace absolutely loves the outdoors!  Here are some pictures taken earlier this week of our little guy playing in our yard.

One of our basketball players rides a long board (like a skateboard but longer I guess) and he was giving Jace rides on it.  He was giggling like crazy--he loved it!
Our friends Amie and Ryan hosted a Halloween party Friday night and we enjoyed a night of out with our good friends!  There were about 10 couples there and all in costume!  Here are some pictures of my favorites... (unpictured were Peter Pan and tinker bell, pirates, and pilot and co-pilot).  

Greg and I were last-minute planners and dressed up as 80's aerobic instructors.  Pretty scary huh?
A baseball player and ump joined the party...
A couple of cowboys joined in the fun.  Yeehaw!
Bill and Monica in the house!
Shrek and Fiona (and our hosts)
And my favorite costume of the night... our Amish friends, the Henry's.  Don't they look natural?
We are (sort of) in transition from 2 naps to 1.  Yesterday he feel asleep sitting up in the shopping cart at the grocery store but unfortunately my camera was buried under my sleeping baby so I couldn't document this first!  But today, our tired boy fell asleep for the first time in his highchair! I took him out, changed his diaper, laid him down in his crib and the kid never budged!  I must say, it was pretty darn cute.  I did, however, get pictures of the highchair incident.  

 That's all for now friends!  

Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

21 weeks and growing!

By popular request, (ok just two of you--and they happened to be my sisters but I'm sure they aren't the only ones wondering how HUGE I'm getting) here is a picture of my 21 week belly. I feel like I really blossomed and baby #2 went through a major growth spurt over the last couple of weeks. But as far as my pregnancy goes--so far so good. Nothing to complain about here (other than the recent rapid weight gain). Greg and I have enjoyed teaching Jace that Baby Brother is in Mommy's belly. He is going to make a great big bro (holy cow--in 19 short weeks. Yikes!)
Make sure you saw my cloth diapering post below.  I need recommendations!  

Toodles friends!

Cloth Diapering

So I have decided to give cloth diapering a try.  I have been very fortunate because a good friend of mine (Rachel Henry shout-out!) has lent me her supply of cloth diapers for the time being since she is in transition with homes and will not be needing them for couple of months.  This has been  SO nice because I can give them a whirl without making the HUGE investment in the beginning until I know this is something I can handle.  The first day was rough and included three #2's and a pretty bad diaper rash, but since then, not too bad!  I am beginning to enjoy the whole process (well not EVERY part that goes along with cloth diapering) but I must say I could give myself a nice pat on the back for lending the environment a hand.  This morning was trash-day and there were FAR LESS bags of diapers than usual.  Look how green I am!  

If things continue to go well I will take the plunge and buy my own cloth diapers.  Any recommendations out there?  Snaps or velcro?  Brand?  A cheap place to buy them?  Thanks!!

Oh, and the fact that he looks this cute in cloth diapers is just a perk!

P.S. I put Jace down last night at 6:50 pm and it is now 8:40 and he is STILL sleeping. (Hallelujah chorus playing in the background)

Bye friends!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

She thinks my tractors sexy!

We had a fun weekend relaxing and visiting with family.  We try and take a trip to Greg's hometown each year before basketball season really gets underway and ALL of our weekends are booked with ball games.  We always enjoy our weekend getaways and the Tonagels' house is such a homey place to spend time on a nice fall weekend.  Jace played with his Nana and Papa (Papa is recovering from back surgery and could only lift up to 8 lbs. per doctor's orders so no cuddling for Papa Hughie), got roughed up by cousins Charlie and Sawyer, and ran at the sight of his Uncle Ben (still hasn't warmed up to him quite yet--Sorry Ben, don't take it personal.  They do call you "Big Ben for a reason, right?).  Anyway, here are some pictures from last week and the weekend.  

Jace's new favorite pastime--reading!  Up until a couple of weeks ago, Jace wanted nothing to do with books and now it's all he wants to do!  Dad, you will be happy to hear that the book most commonly brought to us to read is the one and only "Mother Goose".  
Eww.  Yuck.  Gross.  Blah.  
But there's a cute face underneath all that grossness.  
It was one of those nights where he went directly from the high chair to the tub (moms, you know EXACTLY what I'm talking about).  I love when he's all clean and in his jammies!

Wrestling with Dad before bed.  Get him Jace!
Smile for Mommy.  No, not like that.  
Like that :)
Here is Nana Tonagel enjoying a little piece of heaven on earth... surrounded by 3 of her grandsons.  
Greg gave all the Tonagel munchkins tractor rides.  How come I didn't get one?  My prego physique probably would have broken the dang thing.  And Greg, you are looking mighty cute on that tractor.  I love my country boy!
   On the way home we headed to Syracuse, IN to visit the newest addition to the Tonagel clan--baby boy Brooks.  He was born on October 14th to Greg's bro Ben and wife Amanda.  You can read the accounts of her labor and delivery experience by visiting her blog.  He is SO teeny tiny and adorable.  It got me excited to have a newborn again!

We are heading to Chicago for the weekend for a scrimmage verses Northwestern University of the Big Ten Conference.  Should be fun!  I am spending my first full night away from my baby. A little sad.  A little nervous.  But a lot excited!  That's all the news I have for now friends.  Summer came back for the day and we are enjoying the outdoorsy weather!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ultrasound--It's a Boy!

Here are a few of my favorites from our ultrasound on Monday.  It is really a weird feeling knowing the sex of our baby--but I'm really glad we know!  We didn't find out with Jace and LOVED the surprise in the delivery room but we (ok, I) thought we would try it this way.  There are perks to both, but for now, I am enjoying picturing my family as a Mom and Dad with their 2 boys!  It is also fun to talk about Baby Brother to Jace and get him used to the idea of sharing Mom!  

And for those of you who are wondering, I am not disappointed that it's another boy.  In fact, if I could have picked it myself,  I think I would have picked it this way.  Now, that's not to say that when I strolled by the little girl's department at the store the other day I didn't get a little sad.  But don't you folks worry, I will get a girl someday.  I told Greg and he agreed that we aren't stopping until we get one :)

Until then I will just praise God for these 2 little ones He has blessed us with!  

Bye all!

P.S. Nana and Papa Tonagel are 8/8 in the boy category with children and grandchildren.  It's getting so ridiculous that it's funny to me!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

Sunday afternoon, we headed to Campbell's Pumpkin Patch for our 2nd annual family outing. We had a great time spending quality time together! We picked out a pumpkin for Daddy, Mommy, Jace, and Jace's little brother!!!  Yes, you read that correctly, we are having another baby boy!  We couldn't be happier with this news and are thrilled that Jace will get a younger brother and this baby will have a great big brother in Jace!  Here are some pictures of our outing...

They have a really beautiful set-up on their pumpkin farm!  I just love making a trip there each year.  
Here we are bundled up (it was one of the coldest days this fall) on a tractor ride!  
And here they are on tractor ride #2...
Now isn't this fun Jace?!  As you can see, he had loads of fun (no really, he did)!  

He especially loved riding around in this cart.  We piled in all our pumpkins, haystacks, Indian corn, and pulled him around! 

Jace really does love being outdoors.  It's when he's at his happiest!
Here we are modeling our new pumpkins with their new home.  I think they will be very happy here :)  
And finally here is the big brother all cleaned up after a fun day with the fam!  He's  getting so big right before our very eyes.  We just love this little booger so much!
Bye for now friends!

P.S. He looks like Uncle Troy to me in this picture!

Friday, October 9, 2009


Just wanted to update you on what pregnancy does to my mind.  I was doing my usual Friday morning chores, laundry, laundry, and more laundry.  I don't mind the washing-of-the-clothes part, but putting them away is a real pain for me.  So anyway, I was delivering laundry from room to room,  starting in the kitchen and working my way into the back bedrooms. As the day progressed, I went to fix Jace lunch, reached down for a freshly washed kitchen towel, and pulled out Greg's underwear!  YIKES!  I'm not drying my dishes with those suckers!  I proceeded to our bedroom and sure enough found those dish towels in his underwear drawer.  Glad I caught that before Greg wondered where all his clean underwear went!  

Please tell me I'm not the only one!  Anyone else have a major case of the brain farts when they are pregnant?  

Monday, October 5, 2009

A Girl's Night Out

A couple of Fridays ago, Greg was out of town and I had a baby shower to attend so I hired my first babysitter!  Jace has had sitter's before, but they have always been familiar faces like Tiffany and Jeff or Sebastion (his favorite basketball player) AND they have been for brief periods of time.  

Now I was a little nervous because I was in the beginning phases of weaning him off his nightly nursing routine (he still nurses each morning) and he is suffering from the worst case of separation anxiety EVER!  

I was so excited to have the evening alone with some of my best girl friends!  I felt like a teenager again anticipating a big night out.  You are probably thinking geesh, it is only a baby shower, what's the big deal?!  The big deal is I didn't have a certain 1 year old hanging on my leg all evening!  I could have adult conversation with NO interruptions!  I was in desperate need of a night such as this.  I just took my time and didn't have to worry about getting home quickly to relieve a friend for doing us a favor because heck, I was paying the girl!  She was so sweet and did a great job with Jace.  I'm not really sure if he even knew I was gone :(  He was sound asleep when I got home. I went in there and patted his little bum for a few minutes and sang him a quick lullaby. 

I have to admit, I really did miss him.  

Here is the Mama-to-be 38 weeks pregnant with her son, Kaiden. 
And here's a picture of my good friends (all 4 girls on the right are prego AND the one all the way to the right is pregnant with twins)!
Wow, 2 posts in 2 days.  I'm on a roll!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Playing catch up!

So here are those vacation pics I promised you!  We had such a great time out in VA and DC!  I want to go back!  Here's a little recap of our trip..

We woke Jace up at 3 am Thursday morning for a day in the car.  He was pretty happy considering it was SO early!  He got especially happy when he saw his Nana and Papa Tonagel who were going to spend the weekend with us!
He slept pretty well in the car.  After finally getting him back to sleep he eventually woke up at about 8 am and then took his 2 normal naps throughout the day.  We brought books, music, toys, and a DVD's to keep him occupied (and did I mention we stopped 7 times on our way out there?!)
You can't see him but Papa Hughie is playing hide-and-seek with Jace behind the tree.  Thanks Hugh for getting dirty on your hands and knees for a good laugh!
Happy boy in Nana's arms!
We finally arrived to our destination--Lorton, VA where Troy and Megan now reside.  They have an adorable apartment and live near some fun shops and restaurants.  Thanks Meg and Troy for being so hospitable to us!  You are great hosts!  Here is Troy fixing us pancakes and sausage the morning after we arrived.  A little Hughie in the making if you ask me (pancakes are Hugh's specialty).  
We headed to Old Town Alexandria one afternoon for lunch and shopping.  It was a beautiful day and I was surrounded by great company (and great help with Jace)!
He LOVES riding high.  Uncle Troy strolled the streets of Alexandria with this little rascal on his shoulders.  Thanks Uncle Troy!
3 of the many Tonagel boys.
I mentioned this in a previous post but it's worth mentioning again.  YOU MUST TRY GELATO.  It is sooo good!  Jace got to try a little bit of everyone's!  I'm a straight chocolate girl.  
All gone :(
My sweet sister-in-law, good friend, and Jace's Aunt Megan!  Just following our gelato we headed to the nail salon for some girl time and manicures/pedicures.  Fun Fun!

Here are the newlyweds at Mike's American Grill.  When Megan and I first met we shared our favorite things about the DC/VA area.   She shared her favorite restaurant with me and I shared my favorite restaurant with her.  We soon found out that our favorite restaurants are owned by the same person!  HAH!  Go figure!  So we enjoyed a dinner out at her favorite restaurant (maybe next time we will go to mine) :)
Jace was perfectly content sitting in between Auntie Lolo and I during dinner so we catered to his wishes and left him there.  
I included this picture partly because I wanted to show off what a big boy Jace was sitting by himself in the booth but also because I wanted to show off my crab cakes I ordered... possibly the best crab cakes I have ever had.  And I have had a lot of crab cakes.  They are my favorite!
I stopped in and had a short visit with my best high school friend Gaby.  Our visit was very brief but so nice!  I am lucky if I see her once a year!  This was the second time she met Jace.   
Auntie Jill and Aunt Lolo heading out the door with Jace for a day of shopping!  We headed home later that evening for some chinese food and girl time.  It was fun!
We took Jace to the park directly across the street from Lauren's house.  He enjoyed all the space, climbing and sliding (not to mention all the attention he received from his auntie's and uncle).  
Uncle Ben playing with Jace on the teeter totter.  
Auntie Jill getting a little snuggle in.  Some say they look alike!

It's so convenient having my sister and sister-in-law so close!  I hope we can arrange another trip soon!
I was so glad that this weekend worked out.   We rarely get to hang out just the 4 of us.  With spouses, fiances, and babies on the way, it's growing more and more difficult to arrange our schedules with each other.  Somehow we managed to pull it off!  It was a very special weekend and I'm not sure we will ever coordinate a get together with just the 4 of us again, but I am so glad it happened!
And upon request, here is a picture of my 18 week belly.  This pregnancy is flying by!