Sunday, September 13, 2009

Country Boys and Girls Gettin' Down on the Farm!

Ahem.  Excuse me while I finish off my glass of milk and wipe the icing off my mouth from leftover cake and ice cream.  

Ok, I'm ready now.  

Happy 1st Birthday Jace!  Our boy turned 1 on September 10th and we celebrated with family and close friends on Saturday.  It was an awesome celebration for an awesome little guy!  My non-theme was a farm theme.  In the beginning I wasn't planning a big themed bash but Greg thought I could get in trouble with Child Protective Services if I deprived my son of a non-themed first birthday party. So, I caved.  I ended up really enjoying the theme and actually had sooo much fun in preparation for the party!

Here is the birthday boy sporting his overalls...
And our barn cake...
And animal cupcakes...
I couldn't be more proud of this little guy.  I am so thankful to be his Mom!
He got a little scuffed up prior to our guests arriving.  He took a tumble down our front steps (under my supervision--darn it).  I felt so bad that he got hurt and especially on the day of his party but heck, he's a boy.  This stuff happens, right?  (That's what I keep telling myself to avoid feeling guilty.)  He did get over it pretty quickly and was his smily, normal self again! :)
It usually takes him a little while to warm up to people.  Here he is staying nice and close to Dad.  
Nana and Papa Tonagel bought Jace this awesome "Cozy Coupe" car.  He loves this thing.  He has only had it a day and has spent HOURS and HOURS in it!  He likes to be pushed around the driveway and up and down the street.  
His cousins liked it too!  Here they are pushing Jace around (or maybe trying to figure a way to get Jace out of it so one of them could hop in) :)
Here Jace is snuggled up with Jeff and Uncle Joel.  
Now let's get this party started with some singing and cake!  Charlie serenaded Jace with the birthday song on his guitar.  He started us out and asked everyone to join in and sing along! Thanks Charlie!  This was one of my favorite moments of the day!
"Is this whole cupcake for me?!"
"Hmm.. does it go here?"
"No, I think it goes here.  YUMMY!"
"Happy Birthday to me!"
Now time for presents!  Unfortunately, Jace was more amused by this stick than his actual gifts so Mommy and cousin Charlie enjoyed opening all his presents.  Thank you family and friends for being so generous!  He received clothes, pajamas, toys, books, puzzles, a personalized book of Jace's ABC's (A-Z of family, friends, and things important to Jace) and much more.  Everything was so practical and will get lots and lots of use!
We snapped a quick family shot during a time-out of the Notre Dame vs. Michigan game (thanks Greg for allowing us a whole 30 seconds of your time!)
It was such a wonderful day and a great celebration of Jace's first year of life!  We do feel incredibly blessed to have such a happy, healthy boy.  Greg and I snuck in his room on the eve of his birthday, admired our sleeping baby (can I still call him a baby?  I think I will), and reflected on the past year.  He has brought us more joy than we ever expected and we just love seeing him grow! We are so thankful for each of our family and friends who help make celebrations like this so special.  

Happy Birthday buddy.  


RichardsFam said...

Happy Birthday Jace!

Matt, Courtney, Nolan and Meredith

Erica and Nate said...

The party looked so fun! I love the cake and cupcakes...very impressive! Jace seemed to enjoy the cake :) I hope you are feeling well with the new little one on the way!

urbanadventurertales said...

Happy Birthday, Jace!! And yes, you can still call him a baby!

Such a cute cake! And I had to smile at the scuff on his face. Mine get at least one a day, especially Lincoln who is a little pigeon-toed and constantly falling. Poor guy :(

amandatonagel said...

Glad you updated this morning! I was bored at 5am and was hoping someone would have something new up! (I know my life is sad...)
Anyhoo... we had a great time! Jace is sure a super cute little boy. You still get to call him a baby for about another 6 months. :)

Simon and Rachel Henry said...

Amy you look so good! :) You did a fab job on the party... wish I coulda been there-- haha.
You are blessed!
PS-- I wanna see that a-z for jace thing... sounds cool!

Jennifer, Eric, Isaiah, and Noah Heuer said...

Happy Birthday, sweet boy! He is so handsome you guys! Job well done! And yes, he will always be your baby! Can't wait to see the next one! :)

Christy and Drew said...

Happy Birthday Jace! It looks like you had a great time! Your mommy is on my case for not updating my blog... I better get on it! :)

Shannon said...

Happy Birthday Jace! The cake looked great! And I love the family pic- so cute!

Auntie Jill said...

Only 5 days now till I see the little guy! I can't wait to wake up to that bruised face Saturday morning! And I heard jace likes quesadillas so we'll be sure to make that happen. Love you! xo

dianne and bob said...

More Happy Birthdays!

Loved the Farm theme, of course... and the overalls look great! He should try them out here - gathering chicken eggs - chasing sheep - catching the kitties!

The cupcakes and barn cake looked great.... and Jace proved they tasted good too!

Enjoy your trip! "As cold water to a weary soul; So is good news from a far off country" Proverbs 25:25... the only one I could think of about traveling!

JeffandTiffanyClark said...

Have I told you enough how much I think the cake and cupcakes look so professional???!!!! And I just love Jace!!! It's so great to be so close to you guys. We love you all! Can't wait to hear about your trip when you get back!

Laurie said...

Looks like Jace had a fun day! I love his cake and cupcakes! Hope we see you guys soon:)