Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Brusha Brusha Brusha

Here are some random pictures from the past week.  

We really emphasize the importance of good dental hygiene in our family and as you can see here, Jace listens!  For some reason, this kid LOVES the tooth brush.  It has kept him distracted for hours!  
He loves meal time and is so anxious for what Momma has cooked up!  Before we eat we will say a blessing and he remains real quiet and then we will sing a short children's blessing for him and he dances along... we love it!
Here Jace is in his church clothes before his dedication service.  We enjoyed watching him play with his cousins and interact with them.  His cousin Charlie spent the night and Jace just followed him around the whole time!  I think he already wants to be like him!

We enjoyed a nice morning at our house eating delicious homemade quiche, blueberry muffins,and  Nana's famous english muffin bread topped with Papa Hughie's strawberry freezer jam.  I could eat that stuff ALL day long.  I think we should start a family business which only sells bread and jam. Hmm... Kathy and Hugh, let's talk business! Here are a couple of family pics that we managed to take!

Following the church service, we all headed to Splash House, the local waterpark, and kicked back in the Lazy River.  Jace's cousin Sawyer really relaxed, he is pictured below conked out in Dad's arms!
Greg and Jace were paired up in the Lazy River.  Every time I looked over at Jace he was smiling or giggling about something!  

We take off today for Indianapolis where we will spend the night and get up bright and early and head out to Newport, RI where my ENTIRE family will be this weekend :)  We have been looking forward to this trip for a while now.  I am just so glad it is finally here!  We plan to play some tennis. take Jace to the beach, eat A LOT of good food, shower my sister Jill with bridal gifts, celebrate some family birthdays (Jace included!), jog along the ocean cliff, visit with family and friends, and did I mention eat good food?!  Can't wait to see all you Jamiesons soon!


Simon and Rachel Henry said...

You guys look great! I need to get CHristian a toothbrush. All he does is carry around my old pregnancy tests--- ick! I'll miss you this week--- have fun with your fam. Keep both your babies safe!

amandatonagel said...

Cute photos. We had a great time on Sunday. Jess and her kiddos want to come down with us for a day at the waterpark later this month. We will have to set up a date. Have a good trip.

dianne and bob said...

Loved getting caught up with you guys. Nana and I picked blueberries on Monday and I got all the news! But pictures are better. Doncha love the waterpark? I was the best Grandma ever at the one we went to last fall!

Somewhere in my old archives of motherlore I remember that babies don't eat strawberries till their second summer... so it is a good thing Jace doesn't go for the fruit..... stick to corn.... yum... could eat it all three meals...

Take care and hope you had/have heaps of fun in RI