Friday, July 10, 2009

Where is Baby?

Today we celebrated our talkative, totally terrific, toothy, tough, terribly ticklish, tender, ten month old Tonagel toddler!

At 10 months old:

His Dislikes:

All large animals, vacuums(on and off), bananas (the only food he actually spits out—broccoli he can manage to swallow but bananas, no), shoes and socks, sitting down in the bathtub, lotion, nail trimming, medicine taking, mashed potatoes, diaper changing, and Jace’s numero uno dislike—the word “no” (Dr. Dobson, we are counting on you to get us through this!)

And His likes:

Electrical outlets, furniture walking, McDonalds, cheese, green beans, swimming pools, walks, books (especially flap books), ducks, quacking, watching mom blow bubbles in the pool, flight attendants, peek-a-boo, bananas covered in vanilla yogurt (Hah—I finally got him to eat bananas. I’ve become creative in my mothering ways), naptime, balls, trucks, Mom and Dad J, computer keys (he has already broken several keys on our old laptop), Dora the Explorer soundtrack, drinking from a straw, nudity (him not me), lamp cords, toilet brush (eww, I know!), Mexican food, and last but not least, mommy milk!

His favorite book right now is "Where Is Baby's Belly Button". He loves uncovering the flaps on the pages. So I will let you have a little fun of your own...

Where are baby's eyes?
Under the blanket!
Where is baby?
There he is! (I told he likes peek-a-boo)

We can’t believe that he is already 10 months old today. He and I celebrated today by going on a shopping/lunch date. He is my best bud and there is no one I would rather spend my days with! He currently weighs about 22 ibs and is a thriving toddler who loves to explore and discover! He loves any solid foods he can get his hands on (other than the dislikes listed above) but still enjoys nursing a couple times each day. I do value this special time with him.

Greg will be returning home to us tomorrow evening and we will light the candles, turn on the Frank Sinatra music, and catch up on lost time. No really, I will probably be sleeping when he gets home, mumble something in my sleep, and continue my dream about attending Bayside High and being asked to prom by Zack Morris. Can’t wait to see you honey! Don’t worry, I know you dream about Kelley Kapowski tooJ

That's all for now! Can you believe it is already July 10th?! Geesh, time is flying by. Have a great weekend!


Paul Penziol said...

Amy your so funny!
Jace is getting so BIG! I can't believe all the things he can do :)

L & B

Shannon said...

That same book was Halle's favorite at that age. It's crazy how big he's getting! You look great!

RichardsFam said...

Aww, that was nice. He is so cute! Can't wait to catch up with you later this summer! Take care,


Christy and Drew said...

Wow! He is so big! Time really does fly by! Let us know if you are ever in Chicago. We would love to see you. We are headed up to Michigan to see Ben and Kathryn this weekend (and Adelyn too!) Hope all is well!

Becky said...

cute big boy! adeline too loves anything karen katz (Where is babys belly button? daddy and me, etc). and i must say, im dying with the zack morris comment. you too??!! go bayside tigers!

Auntie Jill said...

Jace is right--bananas are gross! I would so much rather spend the day playing peek-a-boo and reading books with him than going to work. Boo hoo! At least I get to see him soon though! Muwah!

Ligia said...

He's such a good little eater! Tell him to pass his appetite on to our little girl.