Thursday, July 9, 2009

Crazy kisses!

Greg squeezed in a short visit with us between his recruiting trips to Indianapolis and Louisville (how nice of him to squeeze us in). Jace just lights up when Greg walks through the door (and I do too)!
In other news, Jace found his tongue and when you ask him to show it to you--he does! Oh how I love that tongue and everything else about this little boy!

Hey all you mom's out there, do you ever start kissing your child uncontrollably? Just yesterday I was kissing Jace all over his belly and back... I couldn't stop! I dread the day that becomes inappropriate. I can just see it now. "Did you hear Jace Tonagel's mom still blows on his belly and kisses it? Weird!"

Dear God, please freeze time. Amen.


Becky said...

amy, your family is darling! seems to me that we need to set jace and adeline up. they are the same age and all! and yes, kisses are wonderful... and many time, uncontrollable.

Ligia said...

oh the uncontrollable kisses. I dread the moment when Madeleine won't find them funny anymore. When you find out a way to freeze time, let me know. He's so cute I could just squeeze him!!