Monday, June 29, 2009

Fun in the Sun!

We had an extremely busy and fun filled week. Jace got his first boat ride, his first 4-H fair experience, and went for his first swim. We spent a long weekend in La Porte and enjoyed a great visit with family and friends. The only downer is that Jace is now sick and recovering from an ear infection. He is on antibiotics and on his way back to feeling well again. Here are some pictures of our week.

Tonagel or Jamieson? Definitely Tonagel.
He is standing on his own now! He is trying to take steps and hasn't succeeded yet. I am in no hurry... he is getting too big too fast :( I couldn't resist this picture. Got to love those thighs. Thighs Tonagel or Jamieson? Definitely Jamieson.
We spent Sunday on Lake Freeman with dear friends of ours, Dave and Kristin Dimmich. They are affiliated with IWU basketball and have become great friends of ours. We really value their friendship and our time spent with them. They took Jace out on his first boat ride!

I know I know... nice pink life jacket :)

Not a care in the world!
We bundled him up and he took a nice little nap on the boat. He was so relaxed!
We headed to the Marion waterpark last week. Greg wanted to take Jace and give me some alone time but I couldn't miss my baby's first swim experience! I was able to get some relaxation time in while Greg played with him in the water.
Chillin out in the lazy river...

Jace LOVED playing with this fountain. It kept him busy for about an hour. He also loved watching the other kids play.
Happy boy!
On Friday, the whole Tonagel clan shared a big lunch at Redamaks restaurant in New Buffalo, IN. We try and make it there atleast once a year. It is one of our favorite places to eat. It's just a burger joint, but their burger's are out of this world and the atmosphere is fun and casual! It's a great family place. After lunch my sis-in-law Amanda invited all of us over to her parents house for some swimming. We had such a nice time! It took Jace a little while to warm up to the water. He will be starting swim lessons in 1 week.
Megan and Mal catching some rays in the pool.
Here are 3 of the 4 Tonagel boys. We had a quick visit with the newlyweds (Troy and Megan) and got the whole family together for a Father's Day celebration.
Silly boys...
Greg and I headed to Valpo to see some friends of ours, Wes and Sarah Kotys. They just built a BEAUTIFUL home and we got the grand tour:) We had a nice, relaxing evening catching up with good friends and eating good food!
I thought I would leave you with this face...
Have a great week!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Touring Tonagels

We really enjoyed our time the day following the wedding.  We went out for a nice lunch (which I posted pictures of in my previous post) and spent a couple of hours touring the sights of Washington D.C. with my sis Lauren (Auntie Lo Lo as she is known to Jace).  

Pictured below is the Washington Monument.  

Here we are cooling off in the fountain at the World War II Memorial.  
Jace got his first history lesson that day.  Greg and I received a little lesson ourselves.  We were saying how we wished we would have paid closer attention in history class.  This history stuff is finally becoming interesting!

J-L0 (as she is known to Greg and I--Greg gave her this nickname years ago) and Jace happy to be together (well atleast J-Lo is happy).  
Goofing off with Dad at the top of the Lincoln Memorial steps.  This was a very beautiful view!  

Yea, we are going home!
We headed straight to the airport from the Lincoln Memorial.  We truly value both of our families and love our time spent with them.  Our only wish is that we could see them more!  Hmm.. I wonder if there is a town big enough to squeeze all the Tonagels (and all the little Tonagels to come) and Jamiesons (again, future little Jamiesons) into one town?!  Now that would be a dream come true!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Vacation Pics Part 2

Here are a few more pictures of our trip.

This picture was taken at the rehearsal dinner.  We ate outside on a beautiful patio overlooking a lake. Yes it was rainy and cold, but we were in good company so it didn't seem to matter!  Check out that proud mama with her five favorite guys (well, I think Charlie, Sawyer, and Jace would rank up there too)!

Sisters-in-law,  Amanda and Malorie at the bridemaids luncheon.
Jace took his first group bath with his cousins Charlie and Sawyer while we were on vacation.  It was fun to watch him play and interact with the older boys.  Jace did slip and took a little bit of a spill while in the tub but he quickly recovered.  I think they are looking more and more alike each day (Jace and his cousins).  

The bride and I before applying our makeup!
I'm not sure it gets much cuter than this (him not me)...
C'mon people... how cute!  And you think this is cute?  You should have seen his dance moves!
Looking smooth...
Happy with Auntie Jill!
Enjoying some fine cuisine at the wedding.  He LOVES table food.  

He was so exhausted when the reception rolled around.  Here he is snuggled up in Dad's arms.  
Auntie Lo Lo and Uncle Jolly (Jace has 3 Uncle Ben's so we decided to call this Uncle Ben, Uncle Jolly for simplicity sake).  They would make a really cute family, don't ya think?
My 2 best friends!

I forgot to mention... prior to our trip Jace had been waking up 1-2 times per night and ever since we got home he has been sleeping 12 hours straight.  Greg keeps asking me why all of the sudden have I become a nicer person.  Well, a good night's rest will do it for me!

Also, did you hear there will be 2 Jamieson wedding taking place over the next 14 months?!  My older sister Jill will be tying the knot this December and you can check out pictures and their love story by clicking here.  And my older bro (another Uncle Ben) will be getting married in August and you can check out their wedding website here. I am happy to report that we are thrilled with their engagements and look forward to adding Darren and Kelley into our family!

Monday, June 15, 2009

We made it back safe and sound from our trip out east.  We really enjoyed our time visiting with family and friends and of course, celebrating Troy and Megan's wedding!  Here are some pictures of our first few days there.  

While I was packing before our trip, Jace snuck into Dad's suitcase when I left the room.  It was pretty funny!
For the most part, Jace did great traveling. He LOVES flight attendants and of course, they love him too. This is him playing at the Fort Wayne airport just before taking off last Tuesday.
We ate at this really awesome restaurant called Open City one afternoon for lunch.  Greg claims he had "the best sandwich of his life" there.  Our waiter had long nails and pink nail polish on...  Not something you often see in the Hoosier State. Lunch was followed by a visit to the D.C. Zoo.  

Greg and I were able to catch up with some childhood friends while we were in DC.  Here is Greg's friend Nick with Jace.  I'm sure they were reminiscing over their basketball glory days back in high school...
Here is my best friend from high school Gaby and my sis Lauren.  We went out for seafood and then brought home cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory for the girls.   Yum (I got brownie sundae cheesecake)!
I was able to spend some time with my lifelong friend Kendall and her family. We have been friends since diapers and we always pick up where we left off even though we only see each other once a year! We had fun watching old home videos and talking about the old days!

Here is my Dad with his girls.  We enjoyed a nice, family lunch at Witlow's on Sunday afternoon.  It was a beautiful day and we ate out on the back porch.  

Grandma Jamieson and Auntie Lo Lo babysat and put Jace to bed while I went out to dinner with a friend.  I was a little nervous but Jace did great!  I guess the attachment anxiety is more on my end and not his... :(

We had such wonderful time visiting with family and friends.  I will update more pictures of wedding festivities soon.