Tuesday, May 12, 2009

ALL boy!

Jace loves being outside and I do too!  He especially likes to watch Dad do yard work, watch cars drive by, and eat grass (yes, you read that right).  Greg was watching him a few days ago and he carried Jace in with grass hanging out both sides of his mouth... yuck!  He is SO active these days.  I have trouble keeping up and getting much done during the day because he is in to EVERYTHING!  He is at a very fun age and I am not in any hurry for him to grow up any faster than he already is.  Why didn't anyone warm me that they grow up fast (just kidding, I have always heard it but didn't actually believe it until I had one of my own).  

A friend of ours gave us this trailer which attaches to the back of Greg's bike.  We took our first family bike ride over the weekend and had a blast!  Jace was jib-jabbering the whole time.. it was a hoot!
We think he looks SO much like his cousin Charlie in this picture.
Jace loves his daddy time.  He is always happy in Dad's arms (not to mention it gives me a nice break too).  Jace is 100% boy... loves anything with wheels, balls, and wrestling with Dad. 

Last weekend I took Jace to Canton, OH to meet his Great Grandmother Jamieson.  He also got to see my parents and show off all his new skills.  For Mother's Day Jace got my mom a web cam so we can skype and he can get more face-time with his Rhode Island grandparents!  We had such a nice visit and like always, it was so hard saying goodbye.  It made it a little easier because we will see them again in 3 short weeks!

Check out those teeth!
I forgot to mention... Jace just passed the 8 month old mark!  He is crawling, pulling himself up, standing shortly on his own, and has 4 teeth!

I just love being his mommy!


Auntie Jill said...

Aw he looks so cute in a hat!!! I can't believe how much he's grown up since I saw him rolling around on the floor in February! Can't wait to see him... maybe we can take him for a stroll around DC. :)

amandatonagel said...

Very cute pics. I love the one of him in the bike. We have one of Charlie with almost the exact same expression! They do look a lot alike!

Erica and Nate said...

I love all the pictures. He is such a happy smiley boy! Hope you had a good Mother's Day! Question...how do you put the pictures on the side of your blog for each month?

Shannon said...

He is getting more hair! I love that bike trailer- it's such a fun age!

Team Tonagel said...

Erika, you go to the "Add a Gadget" option and just add a picture and you can put a caption or title on there. Hope that helps!

Paul Penziol said...

His teeth are so cute!


dianne and bob said...

Oh how I love to see him growing up through this blog! And can't wait to see him at the wedding.
I'll be sure to play with him a bit (I'll wait my turn) so you can have some time with your peers.
Kathy and I shopped a lot today getting ready for our summer occasions!