Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Jace and Mommy
Greg and I went out for a late dinner one night with some friends so one of our basketball players stayed with Jace while he was sleeping.  I didn't think he would wake up since we were only gone about 2 hours, but I came home to this...  these 2 snuggling on the couch together watching the NBA playoffs.  How funny!
Jace is beginning to enjoy his foods.  He really likes squash and sweet potatoes.  To my surprise, he's not wild about fruits yet. 
All cleaned up!  To help establish some sort of a routine, we started bathing Jace, reading books, and nursing each night before bedtime.  It is really helping him sleep better AND it is a special time for us too.  
He just started standing up and now it is all he wants to do!  I went in his room to find him standing up in his crib... I couldn't believe it!  You can tell he is very proud of his new accomplishment.  Now I can hardly get him to lay down in his crib.  

He is quite the pro now.  However, he doesn't always have the best judgment.  He has taken a few spills lately on the not-so-stable things like mommy's leg or a drawer that swung open... poor baby.  
He is also in a full out crawl now.  I just can't believe all the changes occurring in him!  Not only is he growing physically but his personality is growing too!  Watch out friends, this child has a BIG personality.  

Here is Jace chasing after his favorite toy... a bottle of lotion. Who knew?!


Auntie Jill said...


amandatonagel said...

That is a cute pic of him and Greg's player. How funny! Start baby proofing the house. Up goes anything breakable or slightly pretty. Welcome to the world of toddlers.

Auntie Jill said...

I can't stop looking at these pictures! what a chunky monkey! I really can't wait to see him!

KStrang said...

I LOVE HIM!! Wow and he is growing soo fast! But gosh he is still the cutest baby-I really need to see him! Can't wait until June to see you guys!!! xoxoxo

Shannon said...

Thanks Amy! Well now ya'll can have someone to visit in TX! Jace is so big and it's so fun when they start to move around more! He looks like a strong boy!

RichardsFam said...

Glad you are able to get out. The best I can do it the grocery store this morning that is probably the first time I have done that since Nolan was a baby! Whoo, i think i need a momma break! It's so nice to have good friends and family close, take advantage of that! Courtney

Auntie Jill said...

3 weeks and 2 days until I get to see the little butterball! Yes, I'm counting!!! I need a new picture for my blogger profile! This is the third comment I've left for this post--I am such a nerd! But I miss him!!!!