Monday, April 6, 2009

Farm Baby

Here are a few pictures of our past week. Jace has continued to try new foods--rice cereal, bananas, squash, sweet potatoes, and apple sauce. He isn't wild about any of them, but he is becoming more interested in eating solids (especially what I'm eating).

We love bath time.  I have started giving him a quick bath each night before bedtime to help establish a routine since we were so mixed up after basketball season.  It is so nice that he is able to sit up all by himself.  It makes bath time more enjoyable for both of us!
Greg is always trying to wrestle with Jace.  I think he is actually getting to the age where he likes it... oh boy.
 I think he got a hold of my last post, because he has been sleeping much better than the prior week. He is still waking up 2-3 times, but it's a big improvement. 
He is getting so close to crawling.  He does the army crawl and when he wants something, he manages to get it (even if it's across the room).  His top, front tooth has poked through and the other one is on it's way.  So many changes are occurring in him so quickly.  It's hard to keep up! 
Here is Jace on his very first tractor ride with his Papa. It was a cold spring day but they had a really good time anyway! This should be the first of many tractor rides for Jace.

My sister-in-law Amanda had a little impromptu photo shoot with Jace in the Tonagel kitchen over the weekend.  She got some really cute pics of Jace on her camera and you can view them by clicking here.  Not only do I NOT have an eye for taking photographs but my camera takes less than average picures, so Amanda who DOES have a real skill for taking pics also has a really good camera.  Anyway, they turned out really cute so check 'em out!  


Erica and Nate said...

Jace is so cute and looks so grown up in that little red outfit where he is sitting up! do you like giving him a bath in that big yellow duck bath? We got something like that and we are trying to figure out if we should take it back or not? I can't figure out if I will want to put her in something like that or just put her in the bathtub when she can sit up. Any advice would be great!

amandatonagel said...

Love all your pictures. Glad you like the ones I took too. Tractor rides are the best!

Auntie Jill said...

it's so funny to see him sitting up all by himself! the duck tub cracks me up b/c it reminds of the first time we bathed him and how small and slippery he was!

Shannon said...

Those are sooo cute! She did a great job. Have you tried teething tablets? I used to give Halle some tylenol and a teething tablet and she'd sleep through the night. I know it's no fun!