Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Teething baby + Cranky Mom = Hardworking Dad

Everything is going well on our front.  Jace is 6 1/2 months now and doing great.  We started him on solids last week.  He didn't seem crazy about food so we are going to take it pretty slow.  He is an active little boy and loves to be on the go.    We are enjoying early spring walks and fresh air, however, we are back in the house now that winter crept back in.  Jace is sitting up all on his own now.  We set up his high chair and he loves the freedom of sitting tall with us at dinner time.  He has two teeth now and we see the top two about to break through.  Needless to say, Jace has been struggling sleeping through the night.  Heck, I would be happy with just 2 wake up calls, but he has been waking up 4-5 times per night.  Teething baby makes for a cranky mommy... poor Greg.  No wonder he works so many hours...

Jace is getting up on his hands and knees and rocking back and forth.  He also likes to get into the plank position... it's very entertaining.  

big eyes...
Jace has always slept on his back, so I was surprised to find him sleeping like this one day after naptime.  Also, he's usually clothed.  Not really sure why he's not wearing anything...
Do you like how the crib bar is wedged in between his toes?  
He loves being on his belly these days.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Back from Branson

We returned back home on Sunday evening and I am now finally caught up on my laundry and sleep.  We had a great time and our team made a great run at the national tournament.  They made it to the Elite 8 and got beat by the host team, College of the Ozarks.  It was a bittersweet ending, especially with this group of guys.  They are particularly special to us because they were the first recruiting class Greg brought in.  We will be sad to see them go.

I am also a little sad when basketball season ends but  I quickly recover because I remember how much I love life when it's over.  It is so nice to going back to a "normal" lifestyle.  I get my husband back!  We go back to regular meals at home, a regular sleeping schedule, regular conversations (believe me, Greg is extremely focused during the end of basketball season), regular blog updates (I know I am guilty of slacking) and what I am looking forward to the most, regular family outings and quality time spent as a family.  

As for Jace, he has been a little trooper through this whole thing... staying up late, watching Daddy's team play, sleeping in hotel rooms, being passed around from person to person.  He was able to spend time with both sets of grandparents, and meet his great grandparents for the first time.  It was so special getting to introduce them!  Great grandmother Dear was very creative while she was playing with Jace.  She put Jace in a box and was pushing him around the room--he loved it.  He really looked like a big boy sitting up tall!  Even though basketball season brings lots of fun for Jace, I will be glad that things are slowing down for him too.  He passed the 6 month mark and is doing great!  He is in the beginning stages of crawling... more like scooting at this point.  I give him a few short weeks and he will have conquered this hurdle.  He now has 2 of his bottom teeth and swollen gums so I expect those other teeth to come through soon... yikes!  I will be starting him on some solid foods shortly.  I think he is ready.  He mocks us chewing will we eat--it's pretty funny!  

We are ready for spring to arrive.  Yesterday it was 70 degree weather and we went out for a jog, played on a blanket in the grass, and cooked out.  I absolutely love springtime and Jace loves the outdoors.  And today, Greg strapped Jace to his chest and took him for a walk through the woods.  

We appreciate our friends and family who were so supportive through the basketball season--you help make Greg's job more fun!  

When we undress him at the end of the night, we usually keep his shirt wrapped around his head. He thinks it's the funniest thing! He just giggles away!

Here is Jace in his Boppy seat. He loves being upright!

Have you ever seen a cuter bum?
Here is Jace happy on Dad's lap.
Here is Jace with one of our players behind the wheel of our bus (we were stuck because it broke down). It was pretty handy having babysitters whenever I needed one!
Jace is sitting up ALL by himself. He soon tipped over after this picture was taken :)

I love his sweet little looks...