Monday, January 5, 2009

"Not me!"

It's time to confess the things that we did not do or that did not happen this week. Go to to view MckMama's website and to read others' Not Me Monday posts.
Here are the things that did not happen in my life this week.

I did not go off on my husband about how he does nothing around the house, except make a bigger mess for me.  The truth is, he does a ton around the house, not to mention works all the time!  

I did not get super frustrated with Jace last night when he WOULD NOT stop crying.  And I did not suggest that Greg and him go in the other room and close the door so I could regain my sanity.  

I did not make cupcakes and eat over half a dozen of them all in one day.

I did not spend extra time in the nursery at church on Sunday feeding Jace just so I could delay hearing the sermon (I really am pathetic).  


amandatonagel said...

ok, sorry I don't get this... I am not in the loop. What is this post all about? Does everyone else in America know about this thing? Clue me in... a

Team Tonagel said...

Amanda, look at This is my new favorite blog and I thought I would join in on the fun of admitting some of the moments I had this week which I would rather forget.

amandatonagel said...

ahh... does look cool. I may have to join in next week. We will see how this week goes though. :)

Christy and Drew said...

Hi Amy! The Brueningers told us about your blog. It looks like you guys are doing well. Jace is adorable! I hope we can see you and meet him sometime soon. Hope you are enjoying parenthood!

Christy Trost