Sunday, January 4, 2009

Little boy

Here is Jace in his Christmas pj's. Does it get much cuter than this ya'll?

We have had a very fun week and a great start to 2009. So far Jace has started to giggle and has rolled over once! I know this year will be filled with many changes in him. The past 4 months have flown by way too fast!

We were thrilled on Saturday with a huge victory over one of our rivals Huntington University. We celebrated after the game with friends and family. We had a blast! This is the part of the basketball season where it gets really fun (or not-so-fun if we start to lose). We are hoping to get an invite to Branson, MO for the NAIA National tournament in March. Dad, I hope to see you there!!!

Nothing else new here. Will keep you posted on Jace as he becomes more of a little boy and less of a baby (nooo!).

This is Jace with his cousin Charlie. When Charlie saw Jace over Christmas he noticed how much he had grown... his ears that is! He said, "Jace, your ears got bigger". It was the cutest thing! And by the way, does this look like a miniature Ben Tonagel or what!?

I'm out!

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JeffandTiffanyClark said...

You know I just love that little boy! :)