Thursday, January 15, 2009

Blog funk

I would just like to apologize to all my fans out there (all 5 of you) for being a blog slacker.  Nothing blog worthy has been going on in our lives over the past couple of weeks, but I figured I could post some pictures of our little booger so you can see for yourself how big he is getting! So here it goes...

Not too much to report here. Jace and I are suffering from a major case of cabin fever! I just have one question. Why did I move to Indiana? It is absolutely freezing here! I had the world at my fingertips. I could have gone anywhere I wanted after high school. The sky was the limit! And I chose good ole' Indiana (I like it here, really I do)!

Jace is doing very well (by the way, when I was writing this I actually wrote "Greg is doing very well". I can't seem to keep track of the men in my life!) He is healthy and continues to grow fast! He is now almost 4 1/2 months old! He started rolling over, then got bored with that real quick, and now he is on to doing sit-ups... not really, more like crunches. Whenever I lay him down, he wants to sit up, and once he is up, he wants to go back down. It's a little game we have been playing, or maybe he's trying to tell me something (Mom, take a hint, you could stand to do a few sit-ups). We are loving our time with him and enjoying every stage of his life!

The basketball team hit a rough patch over the weekend. We lost a conference game in overtime and it was a painful one. You know, one of the games where you really should have won, but had too many little errors along the way. Luckily they have a great coach who will get them back on track :) We won our game last night to rival Taylor University which is just about 20 minutes away. We are currently ranked #9 nationally and have hopes to make it to the National NAIA tournament in March.

I am getting ready for my Mom to come and visit next weekend--yay! I am scheduling appointments galore and taking advantage of having a live-in nanny for a whole week.  Heck, I may even throw in a pedicure appointment while I'm at it!  

"It's never too early", Dad says...
See what I mean, his abs are ripped!
He loves his play mat and is starting to reach up and grab things.  

Jace loves his fingers (or anyone's for that matter).  
So peaceful when he sleeps...

Sunday, January 11, 2009

It's Monday!

Last week I did not call my sister to wish her a happy birthday the day before her actual birthday. I did not get my days confused, nope, not me!

I did not call Jace by the name of Greg over and over again this weekend. Why would I do that?! Not me!

Greg and I did not make up a song and goofy dance for Jace this morning while we were getting ready. I was not making up the beat while Greg rapped about who knows what. Definitely not us!

I was not nursing Jace when one of Greg's players came up to us and tried lifting up the blanket covering us up. That did not happen and I was not embarrassed!

I did not leave Jace diaperless on our bed (since he loves being naked) and he did not poop all over our clean sheets. And then I did not try and hide it from Greg because he gets mad when I leave him without a diaper on... no way jose, not I.


Jace continues to grow and develop quickly. He rolled over 3 times in a matter of 2 minutes with NO assistance. I was so proud! He is quickly approaching 20 pounds... I can't believe it!

Over Christmas, we attended the Richards Family Christmas party and we were able to visit with many family members we rarely get to see. Courtney Richards, who by the way is an awesome mom and has become a good friend (you can view her blog by clicking here) was telling me how much she loved her baby k'tan carrier. So, I went home that night and bought one for myself. It was a little bit of an emotional purchase but I am so glad I bought it! I have only had it a week but I think we are really going to love it! We are pictured below sporting our new carrier. Does Jace have it good or what?!

Our ball team is on an 8 game winning streak and let me tell you--it is fun to win! I am so proud of our team but especially of my husband. He works so hard and is so deserving of wins! I don't know if there is a coach out there who is so focused on strengthening the character of his players as Greg is. He is way too good for me:)

I booked my plane ticket for our trip to Rhode Island. I am so anxious to take Jace on a trip to New England and to visit with my wonderful family. My mom is coming the week prior to visit and to fly back with me. That should make the trip out there much easier.

Have a great week!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Jace Tube

Click here to watch a little video of Jace giggling. We decided it is our favorite sound of all time. Enjoy:)

Monday, January 5, 2009

"Not me!"

It's time to confess the things that we did not do or that did not happen this week. Go to to view MckMama's website and to read others' Not Me Monday posts.
Here are the things that did not happen in my life this week.

I did not go off on my husband about how he does nothing around the house, except make a bigger mess for me.  The truth is, he does a ton around the house, not to mention works all the time!  

I did not get super frustrated with Jace last night when he WOULD NOT stop crying.  And I did not suggest that Greg and him go in the other room and close the door so I could regain my sanity.  

I did not make cupcakes and eat over half a dozen of them all in one day.

I did not spend extra time in the nursery at church on Sunday feeding Jace just so I could delay hearing the sermon (I really am pathetic).  

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Little boy

Here is Jace in his Christmas pj's. Does it get much cuter than this ya'll?

We have had a very fun week and a great start to 2009. So far Jace has started to giggle and has rolled over once! I know this year will be filled with many changes in him. The past 4 months have flown by way too fast!

We were thrilled on Saturday with a huge victory over one of our rivals Huntington University. We celebrated after the game with friends and family. We had a blast! This is the part of the basketball season where it gets really fun (or not-so-fun if we start to lose). We are hoping to get an invite to Branson, MO for the NAIA National tournament in March. Dad, I hope to see you there!!!

Nothing else new here. Will keep you posted on Jace as he becomes more of a little boy and less of a baby (nooo!).

This is Jace with his cousin Charlie. When Charlie saw Jace over Christmas he noticed how much he had grown... his ears that is! He said, "Jace, your ears got bigger". It was the cutest thing! And by the way, does this look like a miniature Ben Tonagel or what!?

I'm out!