Friday, November 14, 2008

Greg's finest Daddy Moments!

Greg's Top 5 Parenting Moments
#5 I went to my friends baby shower. I offered to take Jace with me but Greg insisted that he would be in good hands if I left Jace with him. I left happily and was excited to give Jace and Greg a little "daddy time". Like the untrusting wife I am, I called to check in. He tells me he is on his way to his hunting spot and Will and Sebass are watching Jace (two of our more responsible ball players). I leave the shower early and rush home. I walk in and there is Sebass feeding my sweet baby boy (with my breast milk of course!) His hand alone is bigger than Jace's whole body. Not a site a mother wants to see. Let's just say, Greg and I had a little talk, and this won't be happening again.

#4 Greg insists that I bring Jace up to the gym for his practices. He wants him to get used to the sound of basketballs dribbling and squeaky basketball lie.

#3 I had to run a quick errand. I knew it was risky because Jace was having a fussy night. I wasn't going to be longer than 15 minutes. I asked Greg to bounce him, hold him, swing him, do whatever it takes to make him happy! I pull into the driveway and see Greg peek out the window. I walk in and Greg is standing there bouncing Jace in his arms. "Where was Jace when I pulled into the driveway?" I asked. He puts his head down and responds "in his crib". He put Jace in his crib to cry! Poor baby.

#2 Greg is keeping track of Jace's crying spells and he will be punished in suicides the day he takes his first steps.

#1 It was day 2 of Jace's life. We were still in the hospital room, it was 3 a.m., and Jace is screaming. Greg looks at me and asks, "is it too early to spank?"

But on a more serious note, Greg is an excellent father. The very best in my book. He loves Jace just as a father should love his son. It is such a joy to watch him love on his boy (maybe he will even consider a few less recruiting trips this year). They worship Jesus together in the morning and Greg says it's his favorite time of day. I couldn't ask for a better role model for Jace than my husband!

Here are some more pics of the last couple of days!

Can you believe I sometimes worry about him getting enough food??

Tummy time!

Our little butterball turkey!

We love bath time--all 3 of us!


Betsy Spoor said...

I loved the stories! I laughed for a half hour about the boys feeding him...
He looks so great!

Auntie Jill said...

Those legs remind me of another baby I once knew, about 22 1/2 years ago! :)

Frank said...

Hi Greg and Amy,
congratulate for sweet boy Jace.
I found your blog and look a very happy family. It is a great time for you!!
Tonagel family since 1291 in Stralsund /Papenstreet.
I hope the Tonagel-Family have a long future in USA and Germany.
Best greetings,Frank Tonagel Schwerin, Mecklenburg

Paul Penziol said...

Yikes sounds like Greg is in the dog house!

Jace is a cutie. Were excited to see him again at Christmas!


Jennifer, Eric and Isaiah Heuer said...

Oh my, you are a hoot! :) Jace is absolutely precious and I hope I get to meet him someday!

ryan and chelsee jones said...

You had me cracking up about the "Greg and Jace" stories!! Absolutely loved them! Seriously, we know how great of a father he is to's cute to see how proud he is of that little guy! And know are an AMAZING mother to Jace as well!! :)

Shannon said...

He is so snuggly!! I'm sure Greg is the best dad!

KStrang said...

AMY! You are hilarious and we love catching up on your life with Jace. All of us are sitting around the computer and have decided Jace we are in love with Jace!!! - The Strangs

Frank said...
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