Monday, February 3, 2014


One of our favorite things to do in Newport is have a big ol' lobster dinner at home.
Walk down to the wharf, pick out your dinner, steam, dip, and eat!
We made such great memories with our little lobsters from last summer.

And of course we made homemade lobster rolls with the leftovers!

I sound like a broken record here but I'm going to say it again...

Thursday, January 16, 2014

{Insta} Recap of 2013

Here are some of my favorite [insta] moments from 2013.  
WARNING! Picture overload of my [adorable] children.

Marco Island trip with dear friends.
Quiet moments with my hubby.
 First tee-ball season.
 Basketball camp with friends and cousins.
 My baseball cap wearing boy.
 Father/daughter bonding.
 First funnel cake.

 Grant County 4-H fair.
 Country music in the backyard!
First ponytail.
 Cuddling with this gem.
 Lotsa bike rides!
 Dune climbing.
 More fairs.
 Summer adventures.
 Beach baby.
 Doughnuts overlooking the Atlantic.
 The coolest.
 Walking for more doughnuts.
 Beach baby take two!
Make that three!

 Sand, sky, and sweatbands.
 Minor league baseball games.
 Family love.
 First day of school!
 Indiana sweet corn.
 Cutie preschooler.
 And again. 
 More cuddles.
Holland, MI trip with Nana and Papa.
 Ring bearers and flower girl. 
 Bike rides to the park with best friends.
 Football at the park.

2013, it's been real!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Family Pictures 2013

We had photos taken by the amazing Ashley Elizabeth back in July.
Here are some of my favorites.  
She captured my family so beautifully.  
I'm thankful we will have these photos to treasure over the coming years!